Our Mission

God has instructed us several times to spread His Word throughout the land. We have a chance to bring others to Him by displaying scriptures, uplifting messages and images on vehicle back windows and perhaps plant a seed to lead them to eternal bliss in Heaven. How many vehicles have you been behind or have seen parked with vulgar or inappropriate images applied to the back windows and you feel compelled to read them? These are not the messages we want our children to see or read so the Lord put it on our hearts to reach out to the multitudes with messages and images that may touch someones heart and draw them to seek the truth and begin a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ for hope at eternal life. Our mission is to, in some small way, reach out to the person who reads YOUR back window. The teenager who may feel they have no future and is planning to put an end to their life, the husband who just lost his job and feels like a failure or the woman who is overwhelmed with the numerous chores of being a mother.  At Back Window Ministries, we are passionate about spreading the Word and with your help we can do as He has commanded.