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Question: “What is a Christian?”

Answer: A dictionary definition of a Christian would be something similar to “a person professing belief in Jesus as the Christ or in the religion based on the teachings of Jesus.” While this is a good starting point, like many dictionary definitions, it falls somewhat short of really communicating the biblical truth of what it means to be a Christian. The word “Christian” is used three times in the New Testament (Acts 11:26; 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16). Followers of Jesus Christ were first called “Christians” in Antioch (Acts 11:26) because their behavior, activity, and speech were like Christ. The word “Christian” literally means, “belonging to the party of Christ” or a “follower of Christ.”

Unfortunately over time, the word “Christian” has lost a great deal of its significance and is often used of someone who is religious or has high moral values but who may or may not be a true follower of Jesus Christ. Many people who do not believe and trust in Jesus Christ consider themselves Christians simply because they go to church or they live in a “Christian” nation. But going to church, serving those less fortunate than you, or being a good person does not make you a Christian. Going to church does not make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile. Being a member of a church, attending services regularly, and giving to the work of the church does not make you a Christian , instead one should follow the path of Jesus Christ , This will lead you to great human being by following Jesus Christ path .

Christian Apparels

Backwindow ministries is the largest seller of christian apparels  in USA, We supply innovative, contemporary and durable clothing solutions to the citizen of U.S.A.
We dealt with many items such as christian car window decals , Gifts for pastor, christian gifts and many more.We engage with our clients from the order placed to the final delivery.We sell custom-manufacture products to our clients’ unique specifications.custom-manufacture products to our clients’ unique specifications

Our Expertise

We are experts in our field.
When we develop a product for a client, we employ our deep understanding of both the technical and practical considerations.From textile grades and safety standards to fashion trends and market practice.
We provide unbiased advice not available directly from manufacturers or stockists. We source or create the best product for each client.
Our christian apparel is completely customise, providing you and your family member with the chance to design truly unique garments to wear for years to come. With an extensive range of designs, fabrics and colours to choose from, each garment will be unique.
Every Backwindow Ministries garment is made to the highest quality standards, and from fabrics and trims that have been rigorously tested for durability. Our stringent quality assurance process means we can back every Deane garment with a 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction.
We work closely with our customers and are committed to tailoring you a solution that meets the unique needs of your business, brand and workforce, to ensure that your greatest asset, your staff, is the best possible advertisement for your company.With a team of dedicated personnel that are experienced in the fashion and logistics industry, we are well equipped to provide flexible and innovative distribution solutions, which cater to the individual requirements of our customers.
We pride ourselves in providing complete peace of mind for our customers from collection to delivery.

Backwindow Ministries specialises in servicing the freight requirements of the fashion and christian apparels industry, offering door to door courier services for both businesses and consumers U.S.A wide.
Utilising specifically designed equipment for the transportation of hanging apparel from collection to delivery, we set ourselves apart from other courier service providers in U.S.A. We ensure that your apparel leaves daily, and arrives ready for sale U.S.A wide.Saving businesses both time, and costly repressing of garments.Wearing christian or inspirations apparel is an easy way to share your faith.Crosses have become a fashion essential, whether they are sideways, chevron print or funky colors.

It is clear that the lack of predictability in weather patterns means that past approaches to timing and cadence of promotions for outerwear simply may not work. The changes require a more strategic approach to driving traffic and sales of outerwear products.
Providing compelling promotional incentives earlier in the year that propel consumers to make that trip to the store — well before consumers know how cold their winter will be — could make or break retailers’ chances of moving seasonal merchandise, and avoiding deep discounting at the end of the season.
The fashion industry is seeing a new demand – for christian apparels which are eco friendly. Consumers are looking for clothes which would last longer and have a smaller carbon footprint. After the oil industry, fashion is the industry which gives rise to the most pollution. With greater environmental awareness, consumers now look for garments which cause the least harm to the environment, thus the trend for eco friendly clothing. There are many new eco friendly clothing brands on the block as well as high end designer brands also coming up with ‘green’ clothing, which would meet the need for well-designed sustainable apparel at reasonable prices .

Garment manufacturing firms for christian apparels are sitting up and taking notice of the increasing demand for eco friendly clothes. Young people are taking a keen interest in the welfare of the environment, as well as pursuing a healthy lifestyle in all ways, including clothing choices. The younger generation also have greater spending money and want to be dressed in style. Thus, apparel makers have had to design ‘green’ clothes to meet the demand for more variety and style in eco fashion.

1 – Dedicated and experienced personnel in the Fashion and Apparel Industry.
2 – We service every destination, every day.
3 – Customers are guaranteed that their garments are transported hung from pickup to delivery.
4 – We operate a fleet of different vehicle sizes in each city, so can cater for a range of shipment sizes.
5 – We pride ourselves on communication, and personalised service.
6 – Customers have complete visibility of their consignments, at all times.
7 – We employ our own drivers, who have excellent communication skills, and even better relationships with our customers.
8 – Our service speaks for itself.

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